This Visual PIP (VPIP) for Westfield Mount Druitt has been compiled in PowerPoint and converted to HTML 5 format using a commercial PowerPoint add on so as to maximise compatibility across viewing devices. Any modern computing device with a web browser or HTML viewer can use this VPIP.

The link to launch the demo is at the bottom of this page.

This VPIP will work on touch devices like iPads and Android tablets, as well as smart phones and standard computers.

The goal is of this project is to develop a basic framework, with a workable template, to make the creation and publication of a VPIP as simple as possible with a view to building a database of VPIP’s to be available 24/7 for use via an in appliance or personal console/tablet or laptop.

Please test this VPIP in any and as many  browsers as you wish, and report any issues. Break it if you can and report any bugs or suggestions. Access is only currently available by knowing the URL of this page or the URL of the VPIP itself, so please don’t share it outside FRNSW as a security consideration for Westfield Mt. Druitt.

Other inclusions we have considered adding are:

Visual PIP Demonstration

Many of the markers and photo’s included in the VPIP have additional information which can be accessed by a mouse click or a touch (on touch screen devices)

Once an item is opened, touch or click the new information/photo to hide it again.

Pinch to zoom also works on touch devices.

To access the VPIP click the image above or click this link.

Please forward feedback to either:

Station Officer Dave Castle or

Inspector Glenn Launt